Every person is unique and your hair care should be too!

Hair Concept is a 100% personalized hair care experience for who you are. With each new order, a new formula!

How it works?

The HC Experience begins with a detailed analysis of hair and scalp health, which helps us customize exclusive therapies.

Our HC Lab handles all products in a customized way. From therapies applied in the Hair Concept units, to Home Care products for home maintenance, we have developed specific and unique formulas.

Isn’t that great? It means giving your hair the love it deserves and the science it needs, with exclusive care, just like our customers are!


What if you could recreate the perfect, healthy hair you were born with?

Created by the visionary of the beauty market, Roberta Gomes, the Hair Concept is an unique and original experience, specialized in 100% personalized hair and scalp care products and treatments.

We know that not every treatment or product is ideal for your hair and scalp. Therefore, we are world pioneers in this concept and exclusive in the customization of treatments and products that use cutting-edge technology combined with hair therapies specially developed to meet the individual needs of each client, creating an exclusive experience.


Did you know we create your own ideal, personalized formula?



I remember once, after a long time using Hair Concept's HOME CARE line, getting some shampoo in my bathroom. Surprising how inferior the drying result was! I realized at that moment that I never wanted to stop using Hair Concept again. I even use the mask on my daughter sometimes, who has super-fine and dry hair. The result is wonderful! I made it a habit to leave the house with wet hair drying in the wind satisfactorily. Something that was only possible with the use of the dryer. I usually say that the Hair Concept and its Home Care are a way of no return.
Thammy Regina Chiabai
Hair Concept has been with me since 2018. I can say that my hair's health is different today. I've never had the experience of having a 100% customized product for me, especially with my hair's needs in mind. That makes all the difference! And now, with this new HC online, it will make my treatments even easier. As I travel a lot, I will be able to follow up wherever I am. I loved!
Helen Ganzarolli
I got to know Hair Concept as soon as they opened their first unit in SP, in 2018. I was positively impressed with all the structure, seriousness and commitment they treat the client and the hair itself. They make a thorough analysis of the hair, the scalp and thus begin an individualized treatment. I have been attending the HC for years, I am always very well received and I see a lot of difference in my hair! Highly recommend.
Mariana Kupfer
I got to know Hair Concept by recommendation of friends. I went to meet in person and was impressed with the professionalism and impeccable service. Through an evaluation, they developed a treatment for my hair and also products to use at home, exclusive for my hair. I'm very happy with the result and I highly recommend it.
Rodrigo Sangion
I have been doing my hydration treatments at Hair Concept for a long time and they hydrate according to the needs of my hair and scalp. I arrived at HC with dry hair, without shine and I love the care they take with me and my hair! As I am a model, I use a lot of flat iron and curling iron, which damages the hair a lot. And HC always makes a detailed analysis for applying the right hydration and today my hair is super strong, shiny. And they also have Home Care, which makes my hair very silky and shiny, especially on the beach. This Home Care continues the salon treatments, keeping your hair strong and beautiful. I'm a fan of Hair Concept!
Hannah Cecchetto
I've always had a lot of problems with hair loss, I've already sought treatment from dermatologists, but none of this worked. That's when I met Hair Concept through social media and saw that I could have a glimmer of hope. And when they finally opened a unit in Vitória, I was one of the first clients, even before the official opening. I started the treatment and, to my delight and surprise, the treatment really works. My hair stopped with the fall, today it has more shine, with a healthy appearance and full ends - which I didn't have before.”
Rogelia Ferreira